With the intent of providing the advancements, specifically speed, of Information Technology to every household, Mongolian National Broadcasting Corporation, LLC, built a digital television network covering 90% of the Ulaanbaatar city area by studying the needs of our customers and constantly improving our service quality standards. We provide reliable multi-channel digital television services to households in remote areas, such as suburbs, ger district, and other remote districts, where the communication infrastructure is not well developed.


In relation to the worldwide transition to digital systems, Mongolian National Broadcasting Corporation, LLC, fully updated its technology, and transitioned to DVB-T2 digital system in 2014, and started providing over 100 global television channels with high quality image and sound.


We are working to introduce high speed wireless WiFi internet service which meets the customers’ needs in conjunction to our goal to connect every household in Ulaanbaatar with high speed internet.


Oyuny Undra Group has commenced its project to introduce the OTT (Over The Top) wireless internet service based on WTTX (Wireless To The X) technology, with the purpose to connect every corner of Ulaanbaatar city with internet. The project will result in construction of a complete wireless internet infrastructure that fully covers every household in urban and suburban areas of Ulaanbaatar city. This will create the opportunity to replace the current option where the internet services use DSL cable with wireless internet service to reach end-users. Partnering with Huawei Technologies, one of the market leaders in the world, we are planning to deliver fully operational wireless broadband and OTT/IPTV in 4th quarter, 2018.